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Trusts & Estates Litigation

Some of the most contentious litigation can arise in estate matters. Our attorneys have handled numerous types of disputes that can arise in connection with estates, from breach of fiduciary duty actions, orders to show cause to enjoin transfers, lis pendens litigation and malpractice actions in connection with estate administration.

We represent a wide range of clients on trusts and estates matters in litigation and potential litigation. This includes beneficiaries in connection with estate administration disputes, will contests, appointment of executors and asset disputes. Our attorneys also counsel executors, assisting them in disputes, and have been appointed administrators in certain contested estates.

Areas of Focus

  • Probate wills and administer trusts.
  • Challenge administrator appointments and probate of estate documents.
  • Defend and prosecute claims for breach of fiduciary duties.
  • Prepare injunctions regarding the sale of specific assets and interests.
  • Handle embedded corporate disputes arising where decedent was involved with closely held corporation.
  • Vacate improperly filed notices of lis pendens.
  • Prosecute malpractice actions against professions in connection with the administration of an estate.
  • Manage disputes regarding the valuation of assets.