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Marketing & Advertising

As technology evolves, so does the need for organizations to stay current on the laws and regulations that govern their marketing and advertising. Our attorneys have deep knowledge of Truth in Advertising laws on the federal and state level, as well as Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations around the kinds of claims that can and cannot be made when selling a product or service.

From digital and print advertising and website and email promotions to rewards programs, instructional materials and paid search, our firm provides sound advice about what type of information and how much of it is required. Our attorneys are skilled at the nuances of qualifiers and disclaimers in marketing materials, helping to protect our clients against claims from customers and regulatory bodies and qualifying their risk of responsibilities for uses of products and services.

Areas of Focus

  • Advise on appropriate content and claims in marketing and advertising materials and compliance with Truth in Advertising, FTC and FCC requirements.
  • Provide counsel on avoidance of business risks based upon regulatory and customer claims.
  • Help to address issues concerning express and implied warranties of merchantability and fitness in customer and supplier contracts.
  • Prepare agreements regarding the sale and customer use of products and services.
  • Negotiate agreements that protect sellers of third-party and white-labeled products and services.