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Water & Sewer

Our firm represents clients in matters relating to water and sewer issues, including the rates, terms and conditions for these services. From simple due diligence to complex transactions, we are skilled at providing a framework to resolve disputes and policy issues relating to sewer service, and to water services involving potable water, public waters, floodwaters and snowmelt, groundwater and other surface waters.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the interplay between public and private rights in water and sewer law and regulation and work to advance our clients' objectives. We shepherd projects through the water and environment permitting process and litigate rate and regulatory cases. In addition to reviewing proposed water management rules and identifying issues and solutions on behalf of our clients, we also are effective at improving the language and effectiveness of water and sewer-related rules and regulations.

Areas of Focus

  • Assist with permitting, adjudicating and amending water rights.
  • Evaluate and document transfers of water rights in complex, multi-million-dollar commercial transactions.
  • Provide counsel on public regulation of waters.
  • Conduct water right searches and prepare water right title opinions.
  • Represent clients in administrative and judicial forums.